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Thesis Build Final

Uploaded over 6 years ago

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Thesis Build Final

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Width: 512
Height: 656

This was the final build of my thesis project. It is much more a simulation than game, but can be ‘played’. Upon initialization you can see the primitive organism that you are following. You can take control of it by clicking on it and dragging away (like pulling a leash). Dragging the control node onto another nearby organism initiates an attempt at reproduction. If successful the player’s control is transferred to the resulting offspring and their former avatar wanders off. Each new birth takes on traits from both parents, and every generation supports a higher number of nodes than the previous. The simulation starts out with smaller, circular organisms but after a number of generations they grow branching appendages and display complex internal animations. The goal of the game is to find other organisms with awesome and complementary colors and patterns and incorporate them into the current design of their organism by reproducing. In this manner of directed selection the player can ‘design’ an organism. The goal of the project was to explore a process for generative animation. There were many distractions along the way, elements that I thought would help structure the context of this exploration of the generative organism-- even in the final build the player needs to put in quite a lot of effort to get their organism to an evolved state.