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Marisu's Adventures in Randomonia

Uploaded about 7 years ago

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Marisu's Adventures in Randomonia

Views: 1216
Width: 764
Height: 600

Aesica's final entry for GitD #41: Random Generation. Help Marisu find her way to the lair of the evil Genericondor so she can rid Randomonia of its evil. Z to jump, X to shoot, arrow keys to move and aim your shots. You can also use C to "fly." The map is a 10x10 grid, pieced together from a random selection of rooms and populated by enemies with randomized stats each time a new game is started. One randomly selected room is the boss room--find the boss and defeat it to save the world! ...Or whatever. :) (Disclaimer: I do not own any of the tile, enemy, or player graphics, nor do I own any of the music. This game is for contest entry purposes only)