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hitman for hire

Uploaded over 8 years ago

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hitman for hire

Views: 408
Width: 600
Height: 400

Description: Test your skills as a professional hitman in this atmospheric shooting game. In a city where the police are corrupt and the streets are crime-ridden, the death of a prominent politician sparks a series of events which lead to you becoming embroiled in a feud against the city's mafia. The game's story unfolds across 10 challenging missions, which require quick reflexes and a problem solving mind. You can use the money that you earn from hits to purchase ammunition, the choice of 5 additional guns and 4 additional scopes. Combine different rifles and scopes to suit the needs of each mission. The jazz soundtrack gives the game a noire feel. Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and fire. Press SPACE to reload Press UP to increase the magnification of your scope Press DOWN to decrease the magnification of your scope Or use the mouse SCROLLWHEEL to change magnification Control Scheme: SPACE: Reload fire: left mouse movement: mouse Tags: en Size: 600x400 Tag: f045ec0580a459d7 Slug: hitman-for-hire Coins:No