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First Person Shooter Game - Anacondas

Uploaded about 6 years ago

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First Person Shooter Game - Anacondas

Views: 1157
Width: 600
Height: 400

First Person Shooter Game - Anacondas Anacondas - FPS - Fight against anacondas for your survival. Four Weapons. Five levels. At the end of the fifth level there is a button Take The Boat to win. Click it to win. But... Maybe you can score more first (extra anacondas will spawn after a few seconds) - HOW TO PLAY: Aim and fire with mouse. Strafe with arrow keys. As new weapons become available, select with keys 1-4. - Dont let anacondas reach the middle of the screen (orange marker) or you may take a hit. Strafe if you must! - - Note: Viewing existing highscores opens a new window.