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Blink alpha v2

Uploaded about 8 years ago

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Blink alpha v2

Views: 393
Width: 480
Height: 600

A "remove-many-adjacent" point and click type game. Features some small special effects. Levels are redesigned to be 9x13 versus 8x12 initially. Version 0.2 - added some powers that cost orb charges. Click on the right to call for them, if icon is colored. Top to bottom list (in absence of help): Meteor shower - whacks five fireballs at remaining shields Color bomb - target a gem, all gems of that color are removed Zap column, zap row - a lightning zaps both gems and shields Fireball - a 3x3 area at your selection is bombed, destroying gems and shields Thunderstorm - like overcharge, unleashes lightnings that destroy shields Chaos resort - redrops all gems