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Multicharts backtest duration

Uploaded almost 8 years ago

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Multicharts backtest duration

Views: 646
Width: 937
Height: 708

Well, well, what to say. Another ridiculous performance. How many ASCII mappings does this piece of joke need to start doing something?! So we have another 100 seconds of mapping again and 50 seconds of actual backtest which means we had to wait another 3 minutes to come to a final result. So how much time has passed overall? Let's take a look ... 139 seconds to import a file, 133 seconds just to watch our file's data on a chart plus 151 seconds to backtest using the same data. 423 seconds overall! Haven't dinosaurs exist that long too? Now let's compare to AB's overall duration. 15 seconds to import, 1 second to chart and 4 seconds to backtest. 20 seconds overall. So overall MC is 20 times slower than AB and five times more expensive.